Software Engineers, Data Engineers/ Site Reliability Engineers

Software Craftsmen

You know that writing good code is not the only thing that’s required to deliver a kick-ass product. You don’t believe in writing code for 6 months, then release and hope for the great breakthrough. You know that the product you’re building needs some caring for thoughts from the beginning. Let’s start with a value proposition, talk to people, and go the lean way with early fails and data to help us navigate in the right location.

As a visionary full-stack developer, you know that it’s not only the idea that needs caring to blossom to its full potential. The code requires caring too. You take great pride in knowing that the code you have written has great test coverage and a design that makes it a dream for the next developer to work with.

While working for a customer, you might notice that they are missing out on an opportunity if they don’t do what you have thought about. If you pitch it correctly, you might have the chance to put the idea into life. Shortcut’s customers believe in us and often embrace our ideas as for how we can help their business transpire.

Here are some of the technologies we are using at Shortcut today. The most important part is not to know all of them, but that you want to learn more and challenge why we should use them.

  • Proficient in some of these languages: Go, Python, NodeJS, Ruby, PHP, C#, Java, TypeScript, JavaScript
  • Know when to use a relational database over a document database and over a time series database
  • Write testable code and the tests to go with it
  • Microservice architecture
  • Cloud architecture (GCP, Azure, AWS)
  • Web and microservice security
  • Understand the importance of SLIs and what adding that extra 9 on our uptime guarantee means
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, Swarm, etcd, Consul
  • Protocol buffers, gRPC
  • Automation (Ansible, Terraform)
  • Message queues and buses (Redis, Kafka, RabbitMQ, beanstalkd)
  • API design and service contracts
  • Machine Learning (Tensorflow, PyTorch, H20)
  • Big data: warehousing, processing pipelines, ETL (Apache Beam, Hadoop, hive, pig, Storm, Spark)
  • ReactJS, Vue.js, Redux, CSS, SASS, GraphQL

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