Senior Full Stack Developer

We are looking for Senior Full Stack Developers. Do you fancy joining us at our weekly hackathon every Wednesday in our workplace above Steen & Strøm, with a sunny roof terrace and views across Oslo? What about accompanying us on our annual company trips or to conferences around the world to learn about new technologies! This year we have already been to Google IO, try! Swift NYC and WWDC. On Thursdays, you can join us for cage ball in Nydalen. How about using our workspace to collaborate with others and bring your own apps and ideas into fruition as a part of our Shortcut Labs initiative. Coupled with all this, you can join us at our Friday social gatherings, for some seriously geeky chat, stay late for a few drinks. Just remember not to miss the last T-bane back home with your monthly RuterReise card, that is paid for by us. Are you a girl developer who would like to join our other Shortcut-sheros at Girl Code seminars, where we inspire other girls to learn to code. This is us! We love to use our innovation and we´re infatuated with apps and technology.

You know that writing good code is not the only thing that’s required to deliver a kick-ass product. You don’t believe in writing code for 6 months, then release and hope for success. You know that the product you’re building needs some caring thoughts from the very beginning. Let’s start with a value proposition, talk to people, and go the lean way with early fails and data to help us navigate in the right location. As a visionary Full Stack Developer, you know that it’s not only the idea that needs caring to blossom to its full potential. The code needs caring too. You take great pride in knowing that the code you have written has great test coverage and a design that makes it a dream for the next developer to work with. While working for a customer, you might notice that they are missing out on an opportunity unless they pursue this brilliant idea you have. If you pitch it correctly, you will have the chance to put the idea into life. Shortcut’s customers believe in us and often embrace our ideas as to how we can help their business evolve.

Expertise + Skills

  • Proficiency in at least one programming language such as Javascript, Python, Ruby, Go, Java, C#, PHP.
  • Experience with frontend frameworks such as React and/or Vue, HTML, CSS, and responsive web design.
  • Familiarity with popular SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Understanding of RESTful API’s
  • Working knowledge of Git
  • Solid understanding of computer science and software engineering principles.
  • Decent English skills (it’s our main language in the office)
  • Familiarity with Docker.
  • Experience with cloud platforms such as GCP, AWS, Azure or others.
  • Experience with Firebase.
  • Familiarity with microservices.
  • Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform.

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Søknaden sendes til Kjersti Nygaard (HR and Talent Support) på mail: Ta gjerne kontakt om du har spørsmål angående stillingen.

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