Why Shortcut?

If you want an app for you or your company, you won’t find a better supplier than us. We are over 60 inquisitive idealists with a good dose of integrity thrown in to the mix. We know that our unique team spirit makes us unbeatable.

We love creating solutions that enrich people’s lives. We are hyped about our trade, about people and about even better solutions. We dare to go all in, we challenge the status quo and break the limits for what is possible. Our ambition is not to simply continue to be best, but to become even better.

We turn our backs on technology merely for the sake of technology, and broaden our outlook. In this way we create valuable solutions for our customers, each other and the society around us.

Our integrity leads to better products and unsurpassed solutions. We follow our hearts, and speak our minds. Our uncompromising focus is to maximize your end users’ experience.

We cultivate solidarity, heavily charged with mutual respect and trust. We believe in the enormous power in our common ideas and courage to innovate. Our great strength and formula for success is that we collaboration across disciplines and areas of expertise, with passion and expertise in equal measure. Our excitement and curiosity infects our customers, and together we create results to fall in love with. Together we become unbeatable.

This is our creative power.

Nobody in Norway has delivered more apps than us

As the only Norwegian app producer we launched our first app the same year as App Store was born. That was in 2008 and the app was RuterReise. We continued our success by delivering end user favourites for some of the greatest Norwegian companies.

Shortcut is the largest producer focusing only on mobile solutions. We make popular quality apps for large companies, at the same time helping smaller ventures with their mobile projects. We have the most extensive experience with app development in Norway, which is reflected in all our award-winning apps. Together with our customers we have succeeded in simplifying and inspiring the lives of hundred thousands of people.

We are situated in the middle of Oslo city centre and are always available to sit down for a chat, both before and during a project. We know that a continual, productive dialogue is essential for an amiable and constructive process, and for great ideas to flourish. This is why we invite clients to a number of project meetings, where small and big issues alike are addressed.

Our recipe for success is equality between designers and developers

We bring your project from the starting line to a successful launch, and further on to smooth maintenance and administration. In the initial phase we utilize work meetings to gain insight into what you need and where your project is going. Our designers and developers help you to prepare concepts that will work well. At Shortcut designers, developers and customers are close partners. This gives all contributors solid ownership of the project, which is something we know serves your app and our mutual goal well. You receive a sturdy, polished product because the user experience and the software go hand in hand throughout the process.

In the production phase our project leaders ensure regular communication and predictability. Together we take those hard choices, guiding your project safely to the finishing line.

We have experts who deliver excellent design and strong technical solutions on all platforms. Our deliveries are superior on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and of course mobile web. In addition we deliver backend and integration solutions.

Always on the users terms

An app is never better than the experience the user gets. A sophisticated and impressive surface means nothing if the user doesn’t understand how the app works. Therefore we always listen to those who will actually be using the app.

We have extensive experience with user testing, both in an organized lab environment and in field work. We take the time to interview users both before and after a test, and look at how they use the solutions; what they understand, what they find hard. The process and result is meticulously documented in test reports, and critical findings are of course implemented in the solution. In this way we make sure your audience will understand your app.

We undertake thorough technical tests throughout the project period. Just as important as the app being easy to understand, is that it is functional - even in stressed situations, with poor internet connection, when the server is down and everything is slow. We are always looking for programming errors (bugs), which we carefully correct.

Even after the app is finished and launched, and has become a success, things can happen that demand changes or updates. This could be new versions of the mobile operative system or changes in your servers. Therefore we offer maintenance contracts that ensure the app’s invariable functionality.

We are just as proud of the app as you are; maybe more

When the app is system tested and launched, we want as many as possible to hear about it. To us it is magical every time we see one of our apps in use.

We know how the app stores work and what moves might be smart to make your app look attractive. We will happily provide you with great screen shots and effective text. But no matter how elegant the presentation is in the app store, more is required for the launch to be a success. Together with you we find out how the message should be spread. Social media? Marketing? Campaigns? Posters with QR codes? All this and more we would love to help you with. We are at least as proud of the app as you are, and wish for as many happy users as possible.

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